“The Social Network” – factual or fictional?

I never got a chance to see the movie “The Social Network”, but had heard nothing but great reviews about it from friends along with comments such as, “I can’t believe all of that really happened!”. So the second the movie came out on DVD I went out and purchased a copy. I’ve already watched it 3 times this week, but about halfway through the second viewing I was also very curious…
How much of this movie really IS true?

Sean Parker, who is the Napster founder and Facebook founding president, explained during a conference in Europe that the movie is a work of fiction.
In the interview, he states that although he thought it was a gorgeous film and complimented the director’s work, he was dissatisfied with the way he was portrayed.
“The part of the movie that frustrated me is actually the scene at the end where the character played by Justin Timberlake — who happens to have my name — basically writes a check to Eduardo…and throws it in his face and has security escort him out of the building…This guy in the movie is a morally reprehensible human being.”

Some of the movie is in fact completely true, the rest is just there to make the movie more entertaining. (Although I did read somewhere that some of the clothing that Mark Zuckerberg’s character wore are actual articles of clothing worn by Mark Zuckerberg himself….)

"The Social Network " is "Fiction"


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