Angry Birds become lovers…?

I can speak for a good handful of my friends when I say that when I first bought my Droid Incredible phone last month, the first application I downloaded was Angry Birds. Highly addictive yet overwhelmingly frustrating, this game is ridiculous. I mean, chuckings birds using a slingshot with the ambition to destroy evil pigs seems like a slightly obnoxious hobby to take up.
The popularity of Angry Birds has grown immensly and they have begun to create holiday themed versions of the game. Last month they issued their Christmas version of Angry Birds that was very successful to the Angry Birds franchise.
As expected by Angry Birds fans, a Valentine’s edition of Angry Birds will be released next week including a ‘Hugs & Kisses’ level, heart shaped obstacles, and Cupid bows! The irony definitely makes me chuckle!

Angry Birds Valentine’s Edition


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I am a student at SIUE planning to major in Speech Communications-Public Relations, and minor in Mass Communications-TV/Radio and Theater & Dance. I am on the SIUE Dance Team.
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3 Responses to Angry Birds become lovers…?

  1. bday12 says:

    I couldn’t agree more!! I upgraded to a Droid phone over Christmas break. The first application I downloaded was also angry birds. I played the holiday one and saw that there is a valentines day one coming out as well. This game has become so popular due to their advertisements and constant upgrades.

  2. Kate says:

    I LOVE angry birds. The obsession is a problem… They’re brilliant for making all the special holiday ones as well as clothing that is out. On they have 13 t-shirts just for angry birds and I’m thinking that if you look a little more in depth you could definitely find a few more. I don’t know how many hours I have wasted playing this game and honestly, I love it. I also got my family addicted too. The game is simple and challenging making it an amazing time waster and an instant money maker.

  3. siue33 says:

    I also agree, my girlfriend has an I-phone and plays all the time, so the other day I started playing and now I play all the time. That game is very addicting and yes, very frustrating! At first, the game looked pretty stupid, but when I started playing it was actually pretty fun and some of those levels are hard!

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