Thank you, social networking sites, for reminding me that I don’t have a valentine.

I’m already completely aware of the fact that I’m single and have been for quite some time.  Let alone do I need to log on to Facebook and see “a girl I went to high school with” is in a relationship with “some guy I’ve never talked to before” to remind me.  But that’s how things are these days.  Relationships aren’t considered official unless you make your updated relationship status official on all of your social networking sites.  Honestly, it’s exhausting.  And quite frankly I’m annoyed.  Maybe I’m jealous, or maybe I’m bitter because I don’t have someone to shower me with affection or shove heart shaped chocolates down my throat on this Valentine’s Day.  But I have to laugh at the fact that social media has such a huge effect on relationships and whether they are viewed as “serious” or not. 

Three of the top reasons why people do not display the name of their significant other on Facebook include, “He asked me not to”, “So when I’m single I don’t have to change it”, and “Crazy ex-girlfriends”.  Well, that’s comforting. Kidding.

The most anticipated gifts to recieve from significant others were chocoloate and dinner.  Which really enforces the idea that “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”. 

Social networking has really been a good thing for the PR of Valentine’s Day as a holiday.  Why?  Because if Susie’s boyfriend bought her all this fancy stuff for Valentine’s Day, chances are she’s going to inform all of her Facebook friends about it by updating her status.  Which in return will encourage Danny to think, “Oh wow, Susie’s boyfriend did all of this neat stuff for Susie for Valentine’s Day.  I should probably do some cool stuff for my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day so that she doesn’t see Susie’s status and get mad at me.”

Social Networking sites -1 
Human Population – 0

Social Networking and Valentine’s Day


About calawre

I am a student at SIUE planning to major in Speech Communications-Public Relations, and minor in Mass Communications-TV/Radio and Theater & Dance. I am on the SIUE Dance Team.
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One Response to Thank you, social networking sites, for reminding me that I don’t have a valentine.

  1. kthierer27 says:

    HAHA. I like how you incorporate Valentine’s Day with PR and how it can actually be beneficial. I wanted to destroy facebook on Valentine’s Day because I was sick of looking at the same exact box of chocolates and flowers that everyone posted. ITS ALL FOR SHOW! I don’t know when anyone was actually with their loved one because they were all too busy informing other people what they got or were doing. But I bet companies were happy to see pictures of their products streaming the internet. It’s all a competition to have the best or be the best. Guys are going to want the best for their girlfriends and when they see what other girlfriends are getting, they will then go out and try and do better. (Well… the good ones) Thank you Valentine’s Day for all the free advertisements.

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