Could you “email” me the AP Stylebook changes?

Awesome. One more reason for me to  fork over money I don’t have and buy the newest updated version of the AP Stylebook. If AP knew that they were planning to make the change from “e-mail” to “email”, why wouldn’t they just have changed it when they changed “web site”?
A comment made by Mashable user pmindemann explains my feelings about the change in a nutshell:

“Old-fashioned is good, in this case. The AP is caving to social pressures rather than proper grammar. Since the ‘e’ represents ‘electronic’, and e-mail is formed from two words, this requires that we should not then run one into the other to form ‘email’. More directly, it is a compound noun, where the first element (an adjective) is reduced to a single letter.
The AP style fails in particular, here, if the second word starts with an “e,” such as “economy.” What will you do then? Say “eeconomy?” Of course not. That’s stupid. And so is the AP for failing to see the repercussions of this poorly made decision.”
Of course I understand that language is forever evolving, but when does it stop?


AP Stylebook Finally Changes “e-mail” to “email”


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3 Responses to Could you “email” me the AP Stylebook changes?

  1. Ugh. I understand that things need to be changed with different styles of writing and what not… But, Why do they have to change them right after they release the new AP Style Book? The AP Style Book is very helpful. But, I cannot see myself buying a new AP book every year because of the cost. It is easier to Google it. I could see myself buying a new book every 2 years. But not every year.

  2. kthierer27 says:

    I could not agree more with you. I understand that things change and updates are made but should be done to be more convenient for our lives. I have struggled with this AP style from day one because even just buying the book was a hassle. If it is going to be required for classes then at least have it available. They update it so much that a year difference was not going to be acceptable. I think that hopefully eventually it can be electronic and make automatic updates so that people do not have to keep up with these changes. Most students do not have extra money to throw around every year on a book that just changes a few things but does make a difference in our work.

  3. bberns2288 says:

    I also agree. How are we supposed to keep up with the little tinkering of our language. If you buy the book you should have a two year warrenty where they if they make enough changes to the book. They send you a new book. That however would cost them money instead of us and unfortunalty that is not how society works.

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