“…fighting a homeless man by the hashtag…” …Excuse Me?

A new application for Twitter has been released called That Can Be My Next Tweet. The application works by streaming the posts of the user you enter, and autogenerates a “tweet” for you based off of the users interests, previous tweets, etc.

The article states that the premise of the application is that “any given user’s tweets tend to follow the same themes, mention the same topics and places, and include the same exclamations, filler words and abbreviations. And while some of the autogenerated tweets seem plausible enough, especially for news- or headline-oriented feeds like @Mashable, other autogenerated strings are nothing short of hilarious.”

I tried the application myself by entering my Twitter username:

Personally, I think the application is, for lack of a better word, stupid. Obviously the generated tweet doesn’t make any sense, and after clicking “get your next tweet” several times, I came to the conclusion that ALL of the generated tweets were going to be complete gibberish. I really don’t even think it’s that funny- it’s just strange.

Make Surrealist, Twitter-Fueled Comedy With This Web App


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I am a student at SIUE planning to major in Speech Communications-Public Relations, and minor in Mass Communications-TV/Radio and Theater & Dance. I am on the SIUE Dance Team.
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