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I am a student at SIUE planning to major in Speech Communications-Public Relations, and minor in Mass Communications-TV/Radio and Theater & Dance. I am on the SIUE Dance Team.

“…fighting a homeless man by the hashtag…” …Excuse Me?

A new application for Twitter has been released called That Can Be My Next Tweet. The application works by streaming the posts of the user you enter, and autogenerates a “tweet” for you based off of the users interests, previous tweets, … Continue reading

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Could you “email” me the AP Stylebook changes?

Awesome. One more reason for me to  fork over money I don’t have and buy the newest updated version of the AP Stylebook. If AP knew that they were planning to make the change from “e-mail” to “email”, why wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Education, Education, Education

As an upperclass student on the verge of reaching graduation, it may seem more important or beneficial to focus more on internships, networking with professionals and involving yourself completely with organizations. But, your classes can teach you a lot more than … Continue reading

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OMG, I <3 the Oxford English Dictionary! LOL!

Alright…what?! The last thing I would have ever expected to happen would be this. Recently, the Oxford English Dictionary added some new additions: “OMG”, “LOL” and the symbol for “heart”. My question is, why did they do it? What do “OMG” … Continue reading

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Marketing lessons learned from ‘Inception’

Who knew that watching a newly released blockbuster hit would not only be entertaining, but extremely helpful! The movie ‘Inception’ is about a theif, Dom Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), who has gained the power to enter into the dreams of people … Continue reading

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Red Cross is “getting slizzard”

What happens when you accidentally mix business with pleasure?  A whole lot of confused Twitter users. A Red Cross social media specialist who was using HootSuite (a dashboard that helps connect organizations to multiple social media websites from one website) … Continue reading

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Thank you, social networking sites, for reminding me that I don’t have a valentine.

I’m already completely aware of the fact that I’m single and have been for quite some time.  Let alone do I need to log on to Facebook and see “a girl I went to high school with” is in a … Continue reading

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