Angry Birds become lovers…?

I can speak for a good handful of my friends when I say that when I first bought my Droid Incredible phone last month, the first application I downloaded was Angry Birds. Highly addictive yet overwhelmingly frustrating, this game is ridiculous. I mean, chuckings birds using a slingshot with the ambition to destroy evil pigs seems like a slightly obnoxious hobby to take up.
The popularity of Angry Birds has grown immensly and they have begun to create holiday themed versions of the game. Last month they issued their Christmas version of Angry Birds that was very successful to the Angry Birds franchise.
As expected by Angry Birds fans, a Valentine’s edition of Angry Birds will be released next week including a ‘Hugs & Kisses’ level, heart shaped obstacles, and Cupid bows! The irony definitely makes me chuckle!

Angry Birds Valentine’s Edition

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Is Traditional Media Necessary for Effective PR?

With new forms of social media coming out, it’s no wonder that people are questioning the need for traditional media such as newspapers, reporters, television, and radio. These days many people are using blogs and social networks to get their news and not relying as much on traditional media. Even I’ll admit I check blogs on my phone daily and rarely ever turn on the news or open a newspaper.

Although traditional media may seem useless and unimportant, here are 5 reasons why they are still necessary:
1. Traditional media are instantly recognizable. More people can probably recognize what the local newspaper looks like opposed to the name of the most popular blog in the area.
2. Traditional media gives you instant status. Because traditional media is recognizable and viewed as a credible source, exposure through traditional media gives a person credibility as well.
3. Traditional media still reaches vast audiences. As long as traditional media is still airing and publishing, chances are they are still reaching a large enough audience to keep them going.
4. Social media feeds on traditional media. Stories and occurrences in social media often derive from stories published and aired in traditional media.
5. Traditional media has huge social media presence. Traditional media tends to also have a website representing the traditional media in an online form of the publication, causing the social media sites to feed their information off of the traditional media sites.

Social media may seem like it’s taking over the way we view information, there is so much behind the scenes that us as consumers don’t realize. Traditional media is the base of information, and it doesn’t seem as if that is changing any time soon.

Traditional Media for PR?

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Blog Comments

Comment #1 – 1/24/2011
“HCG Diet” by Robin Merritt
Robin’s post immediately caught my attention. Why? Because I know of a good handful of people that have gone on this diet- all with great success stories. A friend of mine works at a salon in Collinsville where the recently started selling the drops. She was naming off all of these people that had tried the diet and responded with positive feedback. I do agree 500 calories a day is absolutely insane and I would have A LOT of trouble following that rule, but for people who are struggling with their weight and have nothing else to turn to I believe it would be worth a shot.

Comment #2 – 1/31/2011
“A Smile Goes A Long Way!” – Kalie McBride
I’m not going to lie, I attend the store Sephora quite frequently and know all of the employees by name. It has gotten to the point that sometimes I’ll enter the store not because I need to buy anything, but just to stand around and talk with the employees. Since the first time I stepped into that store they have been nothing but so incredibly friendly and seem genuinely happy to see me whenever I walk in! They are so willing to help and just seem so excited when they do. It’s so refreshing and uncommon to see that and it honestly doesn’t take much more then a friendly “hello!” and a genuine smile to brighten someones day.

Comment #3 – 2/7/2011
“lets stumble” by Keri Thierer
Keri’s article reminded me a lot of an application that I have on my phone called “Pulse”. “Pulse” is an application that gives you the option to recieve RSS feeds from specific websites that you choose, and you are also given the option to choose specific interests and “Pulse” will pick out RSS feeds to match those interests. After reading Keri’s article I typed the website into my browser to check it out for myself. The site very useful and makes it easy to share links and websites with your friends as well as helping you “stumble upon” websites that you would not normally be able to find. I think the website is a great idea and gives companies a way to benefit eachother by having a common topic.

Comment #4 – 2/14/2011
“Groupon and the Superbowl” – Brian Donahoe
I did my PRime Time on the exact issue that Brian wrote his blog post about.  Groupon’s intentions were clever, risky, and absolutely brilliant.  Whether the press that Groupon recieved was good or bad, it was press nonetheless.  The company was aware that they would recieve negative feedback for their ads, but figured that the negative feedback would be outweighed by positive outcomes.  Bravo, Groupon.  You definitely thought this plan through, and I believe you accomplished your goal 100%.

Comment #5 – 2/21/2011
“The End is Nigh, for Borders” – Tyler Voss
The idea of Borders closing makes me upset.  I was never interested in purchasing a Kindle or anything similar, for the sole reason that I LOVE having my own personal copy of a book.  I love being able to jot down my thoughts in the margins, underline favorite passages, and lending my copy to friends so that they could do the same.  Maybe I’m weird, but I love when my books start to become beat up and worn.  And honestly, of my favorite past times when I was in high school was going to Border’s and sitting in the cafe to study for exams

Comment #6 – 2/28/2011
“WHERE ARE THE PRICES GOING!!!” – Brittany Moore
Gas prices are absolutely ridiculous. Not only do I drive a gas guzzling SUV, but because of the make of my vehicle, my SUV will only take premium gas! Every time I fill up (which is about once a week) it costs me over $60. Gas is one of the main reasons I moved to an apartment in Edwardsville. I’m in Edwardsville daily for school, work and dance practice, so it only seemed like the best idea for me to move here instead of commuting 30 minutes from O’Fallon 2-3 times a day.

Comment #7 – 3/21/2011
”The future of social media” – Michael Shewmaker
Although it is nice to see social media keeping up with current trends and technology, I think surveys are a great way to recive opinions from the consumer’s. Surveys are a way for company’s to speak almost directly to their audience as to say, “Here are some options to choose from, what would you like to see us change?”. But, as long as the different companies maintain their social media sites and keep them up to date, the change could definitely be a positive thing.

Comment #8 – 3/28/2011
Facebook more popular than Google?” – Hailee Rummerfield
I believe it. There’s only one Facebook, but there are many different search engines available (Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, Bing, etc.). It is also true that many company’s use Facebook to get their name and information out to the public rather than paying the extra money to maintain a website. Although I believe there is more credibility attached to having an actual website than using Facebook and other social media sites to getting your company name out there on the internet, times are changing and the economy still sucks.

Comment #9 – 4/4/2011
“What’s your secret?” – Kalie McBride
I have been a huge fan of PostSecret for as long as I can remember. When I was in highschool I would go to the local Borders and just sit and read the books for hours. Every once in a while I would find postcards that people had placed inside of the books themselves. These books are not only highly entertaining, but can also be very therapeutical for some people (including myself). I love seeing people recognizing the beauty of Frank Warren’s idea.  I think he’s incredibly brilliant for coming up with the idea for this project.

Comment #10 – 4/11/2011
Farewell, blogs” – Tyler Voss
Amen, Tyler. I couldn’t agree more. About three of the authors of the original articles I blogged about contacted me saying “thanks” for re-blogging their articles, which I see is obviously helping me make connections in the field. But I also am fearful that, since I am new to blogging, these authors may view me as “amateur” and a “lousy blogger”, therefore being non-beneficial to me and my future career.

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“The Social Network” – factual or fictional?

I never got a chance to see the movie “The Social Network”, but had heard nothing but great reviews about it from friends along with comments such as, “I can’t believe all of that really happened!”. So the second the movie came out on DVD I went out and purchased a copy. I’ve already watched it 3 times this week, but about halfway through the second viewing I was also very curious…
How much of this movie really IS true?

Sean Parker, who is the Napster founder and Facebook founding president, explained during a conference in Europe that the movie is a work of fiction.
In the interview, he states that although he thought it was a gorgeous film and complimented the director’s work, he was dissatisfied with the way he was portrayed.
“The part of the movie that frustrated me is actually the scene at the end where the character played by Justin Timberlake — who happens to have my name — basically writes a check to Eduardo…and throws it in his face and has security escort him out of the building…This guy in the movie is a morally reprehensible human being.”

Some of the movie is in fact completely true, the rest is just there to make the movie more entertaining. (Although I did read somewhere that some of the clothing that Mark Zuckerberg’s character wore are actual articles of clothing worn by Mark Zuckerberg himself….)

"The Social Network " is "Fiction"

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